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Top 10 Ways to Improve Work Performance to Be More Productive at Work


The workplace is full of noise that can easily distract you from focusing on your main work. This post describes 10 ways to improve work performance.

Based on the stats by Atlassian, the average office employee spends 31 hours every month in unproductive meetings.

Imagine you’re on the work and You have a Good Deal of Jobs to complete. But you’re Unable to Finish them at the Specified time. Then you may receive feedback from the boss stating. You know what, you’re not very productive.

So what is this productivity and how do you become highly productive in the workplace? This post describes tips on how to be more productive at work.

1. Avoid Multi-Tasking

Studies have revealed that multitasking considerably slows down you. You may think like you are getting more done, but leaping between tasks simplifies your cognitive processing.

Make sure, try not to do many things at the same time! Focus on one single task to get that done more effectively.

Less is more in regards to becoming productive throughout the workday. Stick to the fundamentals of attaining productivity.

The most productive and successful people spend a few hours on a single job. That permits them to enter a deep state of mental attention, making the finest possible outcomes.

2. Learn How to Prioritize

The second tip is a golden rule. It’s called learn to prioritize and reevaluate. You might have heard from many people that maintaining a priority listing of tasks helps. It does help, and it assists in a big way.

If you’re a person, that ends up doing plenty of tasks at the same time. Or attempts to finish their jobs and It is always a race against time. Then you have to create a to-do list and prioritize your activities depending on their urgency or based on their priority.

Make sure you stick to your to-do list to get all the task completed in right time. When you keep completing your tasks, continue taking them off your list. It will increase your confidence, positivity and it will motivate you to work faster.

In a workplace environment, It is always possible that you have your to-do list. But there are plenty of individuals, who have their own to do list and they may expect you to work on their task first.

Make sure that as far as possible, you follow your to-do list. Because when you finish your to-do list, that’s when you are going to be coming out as highly productive.

3. Practice The 80/20 principle Rule

Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto gave the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle. It is one of the main ways to prioritize tasks.

While there are a lot of things that you can do to pursue your goal, concentrate your energy on the few jobs that produce the most significant effect.

As per 80/20 principle rule, Just 20 percent of everything you do daily generates 80% of your results.

From the 80/20 Principle, 20 percent of tasks create 80 percent of the result. Another 80 percent of task form only 20 percent of their outcomes.

Being successful is all about focusing on the 20% of the main tasks to get maximum results. Learn how to get rid of the tasks which don’t matter throughout your workday. They have a minimum impact on your overall productivity.

4. Always Avoid All Distractions

The fourth tip on how to be more productive at work is, Always, always avoid all distractions.

These distractions may be your mobile phone. The games on your mobile phone. All the social networking websites. Online gaming or surfing, whatever you waste time in.

These things can be great distractions, excellent diversions. But, not when you’re busy at your workplace. Be sure once you get to work, you focus on the tasks at hand. Always try to give your hundred percent to your work.

If you waste time getting distracted by all these various social or technological distractions. You will pay by losing your productivity.
so pay attention to your work at all times and prevent all distractions.

5. Shield Yourself From Negativity

The fifth suggestion is a little distinct, and is highly important. Make sure that you protect yourself from negativity.

In workplaces, you will find that different people have different natures, different perspectives. Due to this sometimes workplaces can be a hub for negativity, gossip, and some interpersonal differences.

If you are in a workplace, that suffers from all these things. Then You have to shield yourself from this negativity and focus on your work.

Now how can you protect yourself from negativity?

Don’t indulge in gossip sessions and small talk during work hours. Also, don’t take what you listen to or what people speak about.

Always try to Focus on your work a hundred percent. Make your work your highest priority. There is a saying when you’re working; It should be like a sort of a meditation, that’s how focus you need to be.

Do not let anyone’s words or opinions affect you; When you learn this art, you’ll be the king of productivity.

When you’re working at your workplace, it happens that you always look for approval or acknowledgment from the people around you, your colleagues or your bosses. But If you want to be highly productive at work, approve of yourself.

Each time you do something fantastic at work, do not keep searching for approval outside of yourself from other people or your seniors. Because if you don’t receive the approval, you’re looking for, you will end up feeling very discouraged and demotivated.

If you would like to maintain your motivation levels high, then always compete only with yourself. And keep enjoying and approving of yourself and your work. This way you are going to have more focus on your work, and you’ll be highly productive at your workplace.

6. Take Normal Breaks

After working for a few long hours of work, take a normal break to give some rest to your brain.

Learn how to control your energy more efficiently. It is necessary to take a break about once every 90 minutes to stay focus and reduce your stress.

Take breaks to give yourself some time by going for a walk, or having a snack or just meditating. This will help to get refreshed and recharged to work with greater efficiency.

7. Forget And Erase Past Failures

To become highly productive at work, this tip is a golden one, It says, Forgets and erase past failures. It happens that sometimes, we end up making mistakes at work, and are not able to give our best.

It happens to everyone that sometimes we face small failures. But if we keep on holding to a past failure and replay it in our mind every time. Then it will be difficult or challenging to give our best in the workplace.

It will not allow you to get far. The fear of failure, insecurity and bad memories will cripple and stop you from attaining any success farther. So make sure that you let go of all your past mistakes and failures.

Consider each moment as a new one and focus on your work. That will help you to achieve high productivity.

8. Not to Get Overwhelmed

This tip is a bit hard to execute. If you would like to know how to be more productive at work, then you have to learn to use this. It says, Not to get overwhelmed.

Workplaces are full of stress and anxiety. There is always pressure to perform many things at the same time. It is quite easy to get overwhelmed when you are under stressed and challenged.

Sometimes It’s easy to lose your mood. It’s easy to be rude; It’s simple to appear confused. But that is what you need to master. If you would like to become the master of productivity, then learn how to control your emotions and mind.

Master your mind and emotions. So you don’t seem confused, distracted, worried or overwhelmed in critical circumstances.

9. Learn How to Say The Magic Word No

During your day at work, It always happens that people will disrupt you for help. It is really simple to say yes and take on more tasks, but that is counterproductive.

However, saying yes to all the things will put a massive strain on your productivity and time. If you form the habit of saying yes to all things, it is going to kill the success of your everyday routine.

Learn how to say no more frequently to guard your own time for your high-level activities. Make sure to remember that, whenever you say yes to anything, you say “no” to something important in your life.

It is easier to say “no” instead of doing the extra work. But there are techniques to achieve this conclusion without getting in conflict.

If someone calls you for help and you have to say no for that. Just ask them to give you some time to complete your work. Till the time, you come about to learn what they desired, or they will have figured it out by themselves.

Saying no is not rude. Also, there are several ways to say no without using the term”no.”

10. Keep On Learning

The last tip on how to be more productive at work is, Keep on learning.

It is common that after you’re done with your schooling, the learning stops. But, learning is a lifelong job, and you have to devote yourself to keep on learning.

It is your responsibility to keep learning. Keep updating yourself. Upgrading your skills and to keep working on self-enhancement and self-improvement. To get success in the workplace or any job or work that you are doing.

When you keep on learning, you get newer ideas, new paths open up, and your productivity will grow. Your motivational levels to continue doing better and better in work will increase lifelong.Make sure that you don’t give up on learning.

Keep on learning, and you will find yourself becoming an expert at being productive.

These are some fantastic tips on how you can be highly productive at work, that you can put in place to increase work productivity.

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