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Top 13 Cold Pressed Juice Benefits


Juicing is a simple way to get in your nutrients. Every day we’re supposed to have eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables. And the problem is today people don’t get those, so it is a simple way to getting your daily servings.

Juice: the tastiest component of any fruit or vegetable. Unfortunately, not all juice is created equal. The same two kale leaves can land at opposite ends of the nutrition and taste scales, just because they were juiced differently.

The best way to ensure your kale leaves are juiced right? Learn the top thirteen benefits of cold-pressed juicing. Once you drink this knowledge down, we challenge you to choose generic juice ever again.

Benefit #1: You Get The Good Stuff

And by good stuff, we mean vitamins and enzymes that can get lost or destroyed by commercial juicing methods. If your juice is pasteurized, that process brings all the ingredients to a very high temperature for a short time.

It then gets immediately cooled down, and along the way certain chemicals are applied to these ingredients to ensure harmful bacteria does not form during packaging. Unfortunately, that means that any good bacteria also gets zapped out of your juice at the same time.

The same drawbacks exist with traditional centrifugal or rotary juicers. The process of shredding fruits and vegetables with blades exposes the produce to air and speeds up oxidation. And this can cause massive casualties to good bacteria, enzymes and vitamins.

Benefit #2: You Get More of The Good Stuff

According to a study conducted by the Huffington Post. Ounce per ounce, you extract more juice from a cold-pressed juicer than from other types of juicers.

This is especially true of leafy greens, and those are the ones that you want to be leaching to the max because they’re full of chlorophyll. This efficiency means that you save money because it takes less produce to give you your daily juice fix with a cold-pressed juicer. The same carrot will yield more juice from a cold-pressed juicer than from a traditional centrifugal juicer.

Benefit #3: Easy To Digest

Our bodies take a lot of energy to digest food to break down into smaller components to take the vitamins, minerals and the nutrients and to separate it from the other food components.

In this process, some of the vitamins and minerals that you’ve eaten from the food are being used up to feed the digestive process. So when you’re juicing because it’s already in liquid form you don’t need to use up that same amount of energy.

You’re not losing those nutrients to digestion, so we have all this extra energy inside of us. And because we’re not using it to digest the food itself this extra energy after several days of doing a juice cleanse your body. And divert the energy to repair cells, regenerate them and make your body healthier.

Benefit #4: Ton of Nutrients and Vitamins

It’s an efficient way to get a ton of nutrients, dimes and vitamins directly into your system. Because the fibers removed during the juicing process. All of those great things hit your bloodstream immediately and are absorbed right away.

Benefit #5: You Get Your Five a Day Without Even Having to Try

Maybe you’re already getting your five a day, but for a lot of people, getting the right amount of greens they need every day can be a struggle. Drinking cold-pressed juice is a natural and very efficient way of increasing your consumption of raw fruits and vegetables in just one sitting.

If you can make cold-pressed juicing a habit, then you’re making a significant step forward towards a proactive healthy lifestyle.

Benefit #6: Efficient Way to Get Fresh Fruits and Vegetables into Your Diet

It’s also an efficient way to get fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. There are about four to five pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables which would be way too much to eat in one sitting. But because it’s pressed and juiced into a bottle, it’s easy to get.

You can get it on the go, and you’re getting all those great benefits quickly. If you have to chew fruits and vegetables, then it will take so much time compared to juicing.

Benefit #7: You Will Feel an Increase in Energy Levels

There’s a ton of research out there that all seem to point to the same conclusion. Having a good intake of raw vegetables and fruits as part of your daily diet improves your energy levels.

According to an article on Cold-Pressed Juicing by a health expert, and New York Times best-selling author, Dr Mercola. This is because your blood gets flooded with nutrients and your body’s pH is optimized.

As juice is absorbed very rapidly by your body. cold-pressed juicing drinkers regularly talk about feeling an almost instantaneous energy kick within a few minutes of drinking their cold-pressed juice. It’s like nature’s espresso shot.

Benefit #8: Your Immune System Gets a Boost

The nutrients in cold-pressed juice feed your body’s good bacteria, and these little guys help to suppress pathogenic bacteria. Again, an article by Dr Mercola concludes that cold-pressed juice has all the raw goodness of nutrients and vitamins in it.

These can supercharge your immune system with concentrated phytochemicals and biophotonic light energy. This starts to get quite ‘sciency’ , but it boils down to the same advice you get from your doctor during flu season.

If you want to stay healthy and avoid illness, take your vitamins. And a cold-pressed juice is like a multivitamin only it’s actually enjoyable to take and comes with a bunch of other benefits as well.

Benefit #9: It’s Quiet

If mornings are a sacred time for you, then nothing is more likely to get you off to a bad start than a machine that sounds like a lawn mower shredding through your harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A cold-pressed juicer can perform a superior juicing function. And you won’t miss a single chime from your meditation playlist while it does its thing. It’s just a gentle hum in the background, like a yogi.

Benefit #10: It Gives Your Digestive System a Break

Cold-pressed juice allows for better absorption. It gives your digestive system a break. When you remove the fibre and the pulp from the juice, it enters your digestive system in the small intestine where all the absorption happens. And that results in increased energy and allows all of your other organs to work more efficiently and effectively.

You absorb more because the body does not have to work hard that’s why cancer patients are advised to take the juice. Because they need to consume as many nutrients as possible, they can get. The cold-pressed juicing allows for maximum absorption of all the vitamins and minerals that are inside the juice.

Benefit #11: Feel Great From The Inside Out

You’re going to look and feel great from the inside out: juicing results in clearer brighter skin clear more shining eyes, less bloating weight loss, less water retention.

You are not only going to get the inside benefits, but you’ll be able to see them from the outside well.

Benefit #12: It Tastes Better

This is going to sound far-fetched, but it’s true: cold-pressed juice tastes better. From the other enzymes and vitamins to the fact that the fruits and vegetables have had minimal handling the taste you get is much fresher.

If you don’t believe us, make your own Pepsi challenge of cold-pressed juice versus pasteurized or generic juice, and experience it for yourself. Trust on this; your taste buds will never let you go back!

Benefit #13: Improve Your Overall Health.

When you have cold-pressed juice, you have juice in a form that your body recognizes and responds to. When you drink the juice, your body absorbs and utilize everything because it has the enzymes and the nutrients inside of it.

cold-pressed juicing results in strengthening your immune system. and has also been linked to lowering cancer rates, reducing the risk of heart disease and improving your overall health

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